i luv this….

27 Nov

I luv this, and I luv that, oh, that one, too, oh my, and there is another one over there, and ….

Well, I luv to see beautiful things. Silly sentence. Who doesn’t!?

So this blog is to bring and keep beautiful images and nice ideas, about basically anything I might find … beautiful (I said that before, I guess), pretty, cute, gorgeous, wonderful, fantastic, exciting, worth-the-effort, nice things, mainly concerning decoration and crafting, two things I just luv….. \o/


Hope you will enjoy it, cause I will. However, my main purpose here is simply to create a photographic virtual documentation of the things I see while I am navigating and don’t want to “lose”, I mean, which I would like to see later, dream about, perhaps shop… well, … blablabla…. ^.^




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